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Locus- Nether Skeleton


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    LauchJomama commented
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    Maybe the "Soul Skeletons" could fight with sword and Bo and use some camouflage in Soul Sand Valley because, the Soul Sand Valley is Out of Soul Sand and Camouflage would bei good to it I think.

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    deadblue32 commented
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    good idea, but nausea for 8 seconds sounds a little rough don't you think?

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    WitherReflex commented
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    I mean, making the skeletons having these types of affects makes the nether more dangerous and more of a threat, at the end of day the nether should be challenging, sure in fact theirs way to overcome like placing blocking while sprinting/jumping in the Soul sand valley, however with a mob like this which causes harming and nausea would make the player off guard. Another comment would be it would be better if the skeletons just use bows instead of swords, since we already have a mob like that in the nether (Wither Skeletons) 

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    Monarch9521 commented
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    We Already Have One Don’t We? The Wither Skeleton.