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(20W12A) Respawn Anchor & Beds NEED a Gamerule to Stop Explosions


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    Crismania1000 commented
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     My friend JUST spent on & off 6hrs working on an "abandoned witch's house" (in survival) and used the Respawn Anchor as an AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL Witch's Cauldron... sadly... it ended up blowing up the house and burning the rest down (including a custom dead tree he made). This happened because his game slightly lagged setting him back a few steps from facing the chest he was trying to access to facing the Anchor that he had just put a piece of glowstone in.
    I've also had a similar experience when making a "dark/evil" version of my overworld home, in the nether. I tried to access the enderchest that was next to the bed and yea.. hours of building down the drain...
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    I'd go even further and add a gamerule with three states: Explosion, No Explosion, Free-for-all spawnpoints.

    Being able to use a respawn anchor in the overworld would be incredibly useful for minigames due to their charging feature allowing you to make a lives system with a single block.

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    PangolinSauce commented
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    If this was a gamerule, it should be /gamerule doIntentionalGameDesign

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    Yalkin33 commented
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    Intentional game design

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    Ian McCreary commented
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    I think this would be cool but rather than it saying that you cant set maybe it destroys with some explosion particals but no damage, like creepers when mob griefing is off. I didnt read the whole thing so sorry if the post said this somewhere else.