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(20W12A) Respawn Anchor & Beds NEED a Gamerule to Stop Explosions


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    Crismania1000 commented
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     My friend JUST spent on & off 6hrs working on an "abandoned witch's house" (in survival) and used the Respawn Anchor as an AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL Witch's Cauldron... sadly... it ended up blowing up the house and burning the rest down (including a custom dead tree he made). This happened because his game slightly lagged setting him back a few steps from facing the chest he was trying to access to facing the Anchor that he had just put a piece of glowstone in.
    I've also had a similar experience when making a "dark/evil" version of my overworld home, in the nether. I tried to access the enderchest that was next to the bed and yea.. hours of building down the drain...
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    I'd go even further and add a gamerule with three states: Explosion, No Explosion, Free-for-all spawnpoints.

    Being able to use a respawn anchor in the overworld would be incredibly useful for minigames due to their charging feature allowing you to make a lives system with a single block.

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    PangolinSauce commented
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    If this was a gamerule, it should be /gamerule doIntentionalGameDesign