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(20W12A) It should be possible to connect mobs/pets to Respawn Anchors


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    YES!! This would give the block much more depth and meaning in the game. This is actually something that would be gamechanging!

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    aslangames commented
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    But why tho? There's a reason mobs don't respawn. Sure it's useless in hardcore mode, beds are mostly useless too then, as is the curse of vanishing.

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    aslangames, I don't believe Mojang ever had some meeting and specifically decided there were good reasons to specifically not let mobs respawn; they probably never had the idea as a priority, or had any fitting ideas on how to implement it, or quite possibly just never thought of the idea.

    Beds are not useless in hardcore, as they can be used to skip the night, and the curse of vanishing isn't something that the player is meant to go out looking for/trying to get, whereas having an item that IS meant to be desirable but doesn't do anything is a whole different matter.