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(20W12A) Keep Zero-Tick farms


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    I would realy like to keep them because otherwise i will never update my server because it is to grindy to get the bamboe that i need for my xp farm

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    CraftOnABox commented
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    Saying that a Broken boring mechanic that takes minimum effort to duplicate or cause something to grow instantly is LITERALLY PLAYING "CREATIVE MODE WITH EXTRA STEPS" This is not intuitive to a survival game and not a good concept for a game that is about EXPLORING AND SURVIVAL. 

    If the devs remove these TOXIC farms that are broken over time they can replace these over powered farms with fun and unique mechanics to discover new materials in new biomes or new structures or new EVENTS like pillager raids or etc. That is why we have fortune and efficiency and looting.

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    aud poobah commented
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    I think certain bugs that add an irreplaceable mechanic (tnt duping for instance) should remain in the game until a replacement is added, but the only thing zero tick farms do is remove the challenge of building a large scale autofarm. Not to mention it screws up server economies and causes unnecessary lag

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    KatTroniks commented
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    Please keep them in the game.