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Ender Swamp


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    Gundabadguy commented
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    I really like the idea of having more biomes in the End. It should also be the only source of water in the End. 

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    Landen Burns commented
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    Maybe the water can be a pale purple, that bubbles, and it can be called acid.  Standing in it will deal damage as well as put the nausea buff

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    Dragolantis commented
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    I like it, the only issue is they're adding the dripleaf plant, which is basically your lilly pads, and I cannot connect to the Ender Ooze page and as such have no idea what it is or what it does. Currently this biome really wouldn't be worth traveling to, when you could just go to end cities or ships instead. There needs to be some incentive to go here. Then again, your water, which I agree with the previous comment should be acid, would give you some interesting things to play with, and might give people incentive to come if it is exclusive to this biome