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(New Dimension) The Beginning - Water Dimension (Or another name)


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    Landen Burns commented
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    Whats with all this stuff about the beginning dimension?  I've seen this alot and I don't see this happening.  Although a water dimension would be quite cool, just a different name to suit it, thats all.  

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    aslangames commented
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    I always assumed the next dimension would be a skyland and I think that's for good reason, we already have plenty of aquatic stuff thanks to 1.13 and a whole new dimension devoted to something not new seems like a bit of waste, it would just recycle mostly old material and game mechanics.

    I think that the best way to add a more challenging part of the oceans is caves, water caving is really pointless for almost the entire game and I think an interesting way to add would be a chance of a large and wide (several hundred blocks) cave spawning in semi-deep oceans under the gravel from y = 11 to y = 35. This could include swathes of bio luminescent animals like jelly fish and dangerous animals like eels to fight.

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    James Beech commented
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    Maybe you need a new block crafted from conduit surrounded by prismarine to make this portal

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    Haruneko125 commented
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    The ocean just got overhauled and for some reason, it is still empty... the creation of this dimension would help add real reason to explore it, and the portal could be the reason for the structure found on top of the ocean monument.