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(20W11A) Too much Nether Gold


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    RedSol6419 commented
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    Then how about rather than reducing the amount of Nether Gold Ore, change it so that it breaking it drops Gold Nuggets (around 3-5 as the default).

    Maybe if you mine it with Silk Touch and smelt it, it'll smelt into a Gold Ingot, but mining it with Fortune can *Potentially* yield more than 9 Gold Nuggets.

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    Agreed. The amount of gold in the Nether makes the badlands biome worthless (especially since it's much easier to instamine netherrack). Nether gold ore is currently half as common as quartz is, and we all know how common quartz is. It should be at least eight times as rare as quartz, so that even mining underground in the overworld gives you more gold. Nether gold ore should be an alternative to overworld/badlands mining, not a replacement.

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    Joseph Rahner commented
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    I agree. I think we should probably decrese the generation rate, and perhaps change it so it onl;y gives you nuggets.

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    Th0m4sTasc commented
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    Gold ore should only be found on the bottom of the nether, and not all over

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    PureAwsome334 commented
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    I think it should be half as common as quartz. I agree, it is too common, but gaspowered pick, I think that's a bit over-kill. I also think that piglins should attack you when you mine it, but that's a seperate suggestion.

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    Uhohhotdog83 commented
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    No thanks.  Gold has many uses.  No such thing as too much.

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    Mc Rat commented
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    Looks like RedSol's suggestion got added

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    CraftOnABox commented
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    I do not think there is to much nether gold, I ONLY say this for the three following reasons:

    1. If we admit there is to much gold mojang is NOT likely going to add more nether ores despite we need them and want them.
    2. Nether gold being as abundant as mesa gold makes the nether more valuable as a whole.
    3. Having nether gold ore lessens the abusive automated farms that ruin survival server economys over time.

    That being said I do not mind if the nether gold is toned down ONLY if we get new other ores like:
     Tin, Copper, or etc.

    I do wish we had some sort of alternative way to make basic stone tools in the nether to help the player know they can mine all this excessive gold with wooden or stone pickaxes.