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(Java Parity) enabling commands should not disable achievements


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    Evan Diaz commented
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    Actually this is done because Achievments apply to a player's account while Advancements apply to the world.

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    I disagree with this. Achievements don't apply to the world; they apply to the account. Achievements give your Xbox Live account coins, which is like a gamerscore.
    This gamerscore can actually get you rewards, such as a Special Gift during your birthday month, and a rebate on your Xbox LIVE Marketplace purchases.
    This technically makes it something that can be converted to currency, and enabling commands with achievements allows people to be able to cheat their gamerscore higher.
    I can say for certain that Microsoft doesn't want people getting their "money" like that.

    Now...I WOULD agree with allowing cheats with advancements, as advancements are stationary in the world, but advancements are not in Bedrock Edition (someone already made a Parity post for advancements, by the way, so we'll see how that goes).

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    The reason they did this is because your achievements are saved to your Microsoft account instead of the world. It would work if they changed it to what java does, but currently that would cause problems. I would like it if they changed achievements to allow this, since my brothers will only play in a survival world with keep inventory on and mob griefing off so I can’t earn any achievements.

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    TM 80bucks commented
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    I agree with this. In the beginning if coords were on it would disable achievement but then they changed that. They should do that for more things like mob griefing because people can spawn withers and creepers on peoples houses to destroy them and its never fun.

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    Skinnybilly1 commented
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    I think this is good but have achievments stick to the world, and the others can go to xbox. I really like getting advancements while playing so this would be a good change.

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    The reason this happens is if you are playing with a Microsoft account, then getting achievements gives you Gamerscore, and xbox thing. It would be unfair to get gamerscore with cheats (and achievements are global between worlds.) Maybe it could change to in-game achievements if you are using cheats, but I don't see much reason for this feature.

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    I read all the comments and understand the two point of view, I think instead developing that total restriction what it should do is restrict that with THAT WORLD does not receive achievements in xbox, and that each world has independent achievements to make this possible that is also a great feature that hopefully add

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    maybe there should be two different types. advancements for in world so that in every world there would be different advancments and achievments which will give you more points in the xbox apps and is gloabal