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You can hear the sound of your dead pets in the nether.


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    that’s sad

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    ValkoHoudini commented
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    This is a very cool idea, especially since it is very logical. When you go to Nether and hear the sounds of your former friends, you will remember them, you will be both scared and sad

    You can also add that in the valley of souls, you can see your soul if you have previously died in this world. And its soul is peaceful and will just fly

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    puwub commented
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    Don't get mad at me, but I was inspired from this post and made my own based off this one. Don't worry, I mentioned your name in the post, BSkC Arda

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    andy a commented
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    That could be good. Maybe you could have quiet passive mob noises playing in the background when you're in a soul sand valley

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    This is a nice detail but now with their Nether Update this wouldn’t fit in sorry 😐 

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    SpeedyYT4993 commented
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    Woah, at first I was like 'man that's fricking dark' but then I realized how genius this idea is! I also think ValkoHoudini's idea was cool, you could even make Souls an actual mob that would spawn whenever you died. And maybe you could even (rarely) see a 'ghost' of your pet, or even just a version of your pet that cannot go through nether portals. I love this idea, might make my own post with a more developed version of it (I'll reference you tho)