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The walrus pit


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    Lili5510 commented
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    I don't think Mojang would have them drop tusks, they've been policing about 'animal cruelty' in video games recently.

    I think walruses are cute! I'd like seeing them in the game still! :3

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    Transmedal2 commented
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    Every thing no matter what it is is going to offend some people. Not trying to add things into games bases on it no offending someone is a no winners battle and if thats how games work there wouldent be any games. There are people offended by puppies and sticks and video games in general lol

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    David M. commented
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    I think Walruses are a good idea, but the pits I think should be structures rather than biomes, generating in Snowy tundra and Frozen Oceans. 

    Anyways, these walruses would swim well in water, similar to turtles, and perhaps they could drop meat, but this might be considered animal cruelty, so maybe not drop anything. 

    A really cool idea would be if polar bears can attack these guys and they could fight back. In real life, Polar bears and walruses will often fight each other to death. The walrus could attack faster in water than on land and could seek out water when attacked by a polar bear.