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Piglins should barter with other piglins


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    Although yes i agree with you totally. I think piglins are much too greedy to ever share their gold items with one another and thats the only thing they barter with!

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    I agree with this 100%. And, if you tried to steal one of their items, only those 2 piglins would become hostile, and not any other ones.

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    I think they should add fools/fake gold and that would be the reason they take awhile to look at the gold when bartering

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    Captain Kcaz commented
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    It's brilliant!

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    PandaTutor commented
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    I would like there to be a additional spawn event for the bedrock and java editions for piglins. There is a celebration event for illagers, and if there was a spawn event for piglin celebration then other players could spawn in piglins that are constantly celebrating. This feature would be nice. I would really appreciate it if you added this feature.