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Minecraft should have different prices in different countries


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    GodaiNoBaka commented
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    It would also introduce a grey market where people from more developed nations would shop around for the lowest price before purchasing. Why pay $27 for the (insert first world country) version if I can get the (insert developing nation country) version for $10? Unless you are suggesting that the less expensive version be either feature-limited (in which case nobody would buy it) or geolocked (in which case it would be cracked in days and we're back to square one).

    It's not that I don't sympathize. But I honestly don't see how this could work in an open global marketplace.

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    campmlm commented
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    oh thank goodness, I was severely worried that this was going to be a racist post. I think that decreasing the price and making it more accessible in developing countries wouldn’t be such a bad idea. a better idea however, would be to eat the rich!!

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    Kieran PERRY commented
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    Minecraft costs the same no matter what country you are in. Plus it wouldn't be very smart to change the price depending on the country, especially when there are VPNs that could change your IP.

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    zKaitzo commented
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    No offense, but I think people of lower developed countries have way different problems to worry about (especially, when they can't afford Minecraft as it is now).

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    Martin Chong commented
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    Two things:

    1: If you think geolocking would be cracked in days, you are definitely an optimist.

    2: HKD price is more expensive than pounds already