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Rename all zombie variants to "Zombified" or rename Piglin's variant to "Zombie"


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    The latter is absolutely better. Zombified is just to long and redundant.

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    This absolutely needs to happen. Otherwise, there will be some slight confusion. (Besides, I think Zombie Piglin sounds better anyway.)

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    Javeloz commented
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    Zombie Piglin does roll off the tongue a lot easier

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    And Zoglins shouldn’t have such an awful name

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    super . commented
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    Well, I think that calling "Zombified" is a good idea, because the language is evolving and now we have more appropiate words to describe entities.

    To everyone that want to rename "Zombified" to just "Zombie", that isn't a wrong form to say "Zombified". The two forms are right. But "Zombified" is a better form to express that is a Mob that was zombified.

    Also, to everyone that also say that "Zombified" is a long word, please think that there isn't only one country that speak english. Maybe for you it's very long, but for other it's okay. Also, for other languages that also have differences between "Zombie" (Noun) and "Zombified" (Verb), that isn't a probrem or an origin of discussion.
    For example: In spanish there are two words: "Zombi" (zombie) and "Zombificado" (Zombified). I live on an spanish country and I have seen very much OG Minecraft players, but none of them have troubles to say "Zombificado". Even in spanish "Zombificado" is a larger word than "Zombified".

    Mi final opinion is: There always will be a difference in opinion between Old & New players, but we are now in the present and changes are made. Please understand that. I hope that at least some of you will understand.

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    FreedomDaPug commented
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    Zombie villagers need to be renamed to "Zombified Villagers", since it's very inconsistent. Just not zombie horses.

    A zombie has black eyes because it first died, then came back to life. Piglins when they enter the overworld are "zombified", and the same happens to villagers when they get bit. They don't get black eyes, they just have red pupils. They're infected. The zombie horse's name is fine and can be left as is, since they have black eyes showing that they died first and weren't infected.