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Temporary fire immunity for player with netherite armor.


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    Similar to a Shell Helmet giving temporary Waterbreathing.

    I like it. There is precedent, and considering how hard Netherite is to come by, I'd say it's a good trade. Especially if it's not forever. However, I would avoid the "cannot set you on fire" and more along the lines of getting the potion effect.

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    Mr A2222 commented
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    I agree paperplaner565, i was thinking along the lines of a cooldown before the armor gets too toasty lol, but your idea fits minecraft more

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    DrLinnerd commented
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    Maybe it can come with a HUD counter, like with the oxygen

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    Skyefire42 commented
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    Honestly, I think that netherite should have slightly lower protection than diamond, but it should give you immunity to fire and knockback. It would make it far more balanced

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    Prisoner1v1 commented
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    Good idea! Very thematically consistent with the idea of netherite being totally fireproof.

    As it stands, all netherite armor does for you is protect against knockback, since it doesn't grant a higher armor value. And that's unfortunate for a player who goes bed-mining for a few hours before they've enough scrap for a full set. The higher durability and fire-proofing are cool, but most players have access to mending by the time they're mining ancient debris, and having fireproof armor isn't much help if you already lost the fight and died.

    I feel like there's plenty of room for a bonus ability like this, as the only strict upgrade the armor gives right now over enchanted diamond is keeping one from being hoglin-yeeted off ledges.