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Welcome, beta testers and early access community members for Minecraft Earth! Please note bug and support issues will be removed, and all guidelines from the rest of the feedback site apply here as well (use search before you post). We will be periodically archiving posts to allow a "fresh start" and feedback when there are major releases/updates to this beta.


Minecraft: Earth Edition. | Creative Mode for Players that have minecraft Java/Bedrock Edition.


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    Seba83888 commented
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    I like the idea but ot can ruin the Exploration of the game which is the main focus

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    RutCio3283 commented
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    Bad idea. It’s better to just give a unique skin, or some kind of surprise (gift), but not creative.

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    imn0tjack commented
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    I could see creative mode If your making a build plate to submit to the community or making a custom adventure for you and friends

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    Davidens1 commented
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    I think it ruins the goal of the game... you could ask for a lite version of the game with just creative and buildplates in it