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Dimension Idea: Creeper Origin Test World


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    There should be thin, river-like deserts winding through the jungle, not only to break it up but also to provide a source of sand (since tnt STILL isn't renewable). Tamable cats can be found in a sort of egyptian-style shrine which spawn in the deserts.

    Creepers in the jungle biome can spawn at ANY light level and on leaf blocks (so they can ambush you from the trees), but they need a line of sight to the sky (passing through transparent blocks) which means they can't spawn indoors. If it is dark, creepers spawn normally. They also don't spawn a certain radius around cats, so you can use them as sentries to protect the outside of your base.

    Pig-creeper hybrids: If you haven't seen the pictures of the glitched pigs that inspired the creeper, take a look at them now (google "creeper pig origins"). In honor of that glorious accident and the wild variety of creeper designs that followed, I think the COTW should have a collection of the mob's past skins, some pigs which are shaped like and behave like creepers but do not explode and drop pork on death, pig shaped creepers which wander like pigs but explode when near the players, and maybe even a few mobs which are part-pig, part-creeper. 

    Time: The test world is fully tropical, so the nights here are shorter than the days; clock textures change to adjust for this. There is time, but it is independent of the Overworld, so players can sleep separately on servers. Phantoms spawn as normal.


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    Mining in the COTW: The crust of the test world is lower than that of the overworld, but there's still plenty of stuff to be found there. There are no diamonds, but since the Illagers never made it here, they didn't mine all of the emeralds out of the crust. Iron, coal, gold, lapis, and redstone can also be found as normal. Creeper dungeons will be found, as well as a new ore, textured similarly to stone, which explodes when broken. This ore spawns in veins, leading to chain reactions which can be fatal if the player doesn't have blast protection. If mined with silktouch, it doesn't explode and can be used for fantastic traps.

    Mineshafts also spawn in the COTW, but they are far from abandoned. The rails are repaired, and creepers and tnt in minecarts zoom around, ready to slam into the player. Hidden tripwires and pressure plates trigger minecart traps, or drop tnt minecarts from the ceiling. Emerald and redstone ores are very common here. Blast protection is as vital for exploring these mineshafts as milk is for exploring abandoned ones.

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    Cool idea but if you do some research you will find a lot of really interesting stuff about creepers telling you about what they are