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Netherite only spawns after the Wither is defeated.


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    officialxyno commented
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    To be honest the Wither would need a buff(esp on java) to compensate 

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    Colonizor48 commented
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    How woulkd this be done internaly?

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    This might be more of a negative for those of us that like skipping to the excitement, in this case, the ore. If the ore gave some sort of bonus against the wither, being rare already, and led to increased speed for fighting the wither, with some sort of more exciting loot from said wither, I would be 100%. I 70% disagree with this suggestion, as I believe minecraft should be more of a sandbox than a 100% forced progression type of game, (though I still like the idea of progression). However, if the wither had more of a purpose for us to fight it, A.K.A. more and better loot, and was changed a bit, I would have no problem with the progression from this kind of boss fight. An example of loot would be some sort of key, for a new boss/for opening a door, or a new material of sorts. A unique idea would be something allowing zombification/zombie cures for mobs, and strange science experiments you could do from this new loot. Something interactive, and interesting, without extended requirements. To build/implement.

    I like where your idea is going.

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    iamc24 commented
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    Please don't. This isn't Terraria. It would also (presumably) require netherite to only spawn in chunks newly generated after killing the wither which would make netherite even MORE painful to get.