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Blighted (Blaze, Nether Update)


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    wyattisme10 commented
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    It should have an exclusive drop, like new weapons

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    Lili5510 commented
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    @wyattisme10 We don't need more weapons in this update. Netherite is more than enough, don't you think? That's kind of the starring feature of the major upcoming update, adding another obscure weapon would take away from that...

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    FrixForgotten commented
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    @Lili5510 While I do believe we don't really need new weapons it would still be neat to have the Blighted drop an exclusive item. That's why I thought of the Crimson Rod; an item that turns Cows into Mooshrooms and burns objects or enemies. It's not very useful, but it's still a cool and neat item to get. However, I said possible, because it's up to the developers if they want to add the Crimson Rod as a new item.

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    @FrixForgotten I think it's time they add an actually useful mob drop. It would be cool if the crimson rod is a replacement for the stick for even better swords and/or tools(like maybe for new ingots and such). I'm kind of tired of getting purposeless items. Yes, netherite is cool and all but if people can beat the enderdragon and wither with diamond armor, I'm pretty sure they don't need another type. I wish they would just add some new bosses and at least one new dimension. The current bosses are too easy for diamond armor, let alone NETHERITE. So thats why its kinda not that exciting considering it doesnt help that much, so adding a bit more other than a new ingot would be cool.

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    It could be a new source of crimson fungus

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    mudkip321 G3 commented
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    Maybe there should be a blaze for every nether biome

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    afif amaanat commented
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    this is a good idea because it could probably have a point at making the crimson forest a bit more challenging. I mean like what? no ghasts???????? what happened to them weren't they supposed to be the main mob that is dangerous????

    and what I think is that what if in a fortress in the crimson forest, there is a blaze that drops from the spawner and then lands on to a crimson fungus and then turns in to a ''blighted'' I mean like a zombie > to a drowned?