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Piglins farm nether wart!


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    max E commented
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    They also should live in crude villages

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    I think that piglins would spawn with 2-3 nether wart in their inventory to begin farming, and search for soul sand to grow nether wart on. That would make the nether wart patches in the nether wastes and crimson forests become hotspots for trading, like a smaller piglin bastion.

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    DoctorEnstein commented
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    Actually this 'Happened'... I play windows 1.6 version.  I found Nether Wart farms at the bottom of several Piglin Bastions.  Average of 20 per bastion.  Still need blaze rods.  However, the Piglins do seem to now farm Nether wart at the very bottom of some of their Bastion.