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[Creeper Poll] Underwater Creeper Poll Selection: Needs Changes



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    I think water is our only advantage against creepers besides cats and i cant count how many times its saved my life. If creepers do damage under water shouldnt tnt as well? Why wouldnt you just make a new mob like drowned but it acts like a creeper instead of a zombie?

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    Water is our only advantage against creepers and so are cats and so on i don't think that should change because it helped many players for so long.

    If you want to change it why don't you make an under water creeper? You know, like the drowned

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    MrSlimmeyy commented
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    Them doing no damage just doesn't sit right, but for it to do full damage also doesn't. Very out there idea: creepers and tnt do 25% damage underwater, and are affected by Blast Protection twice as much as explosions out of water. Explosions underwater give you nausea for a few seconds (because of the increased pressure), which will also decrease in time/severity based on any Blast Protection (maybe exclusively on the helmet)

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    urbeatle commented
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    Since you can't sneak in water to block with a shield, this creates a parity issue: Java players can block creeper explosion damage while swimming, Bedrock players can't. Making it so that neither player group can block would restore parity, but that creates a situation where players can't do anything to protect themselves. (This is also a problem with skeletons vs. swimming players: arrows do knockback, preventing players from escaping water, and the inability to block means being caught in the water at night means eventual death.)

    The better solution is to either allow sneaking while swimming activate the shield or lower the creeper's blast radius in water so that players have a chance to swim out of range, or both.

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    haonfo240 commented
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    It's bedder now because a explosion under watter should do a lot of damage under watter than non

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    It should stay the same way it was before, but maybe it would only do block damage when it's not fully submerged (e.g. Drowning)

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    I feel like the creeper should either do no damage or do a lot less damage while in the water. Creepers are allready deadly so if Creepers would do damage in the water too, then we wouldnt be able to counter them in early game.

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    tryashtar commented
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    Making it different from Java in the first place was a mistake. Bedrock should conform to Java.