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Biome Under the Nether Sea: Ancient Ruins, Submerged Caves, Dungeons, Traps


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    I think this is a great idea!

    Finding mysterious ruins while mining for Ancient Debris would add a lot to the story of the Nether and Minecraft in general, and they would be fun to explore.

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    Ocean-ruins type stuff would be awesome. In order for this to work well, there needs to be something that allows you to swim in lava (if not see through it)

    The void is an End thing. Call them Lavafish.

    A wither skeleton spawner isn't something I really want to see in the game since WS's have such valuable drops. Also, I think the wither aspect of the nether and the fiery lava aspect should be kept separate (except in fortresses)

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    Lili5510 commented
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    Anything that makes the bottom nether generation better gets my vote! Mining for ancient debris is a chore mostly because there are hardly 'caves', and you're mining through so much ugly netherrack. There being lots of lava springs don't help either.

    This would make acquiring ancient debris fun and satisfying.

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    SteveGarder commented
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    I like the idea ancient debris is put with ruined buildings. It makes ancient debris more interesting.