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Nether Update: Infernal Shipwrecks


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    That would be really cool to find while walking along the shores of the lava bank. Not to mention that ships built from Warped Wood look like ghost ships, which adds to the Nether's mysterious and slightly scary aesthetic.

    I would personally make them rarer than shipwrecks in the Overworld, but bigger, often containing several rooms with chests filled with gold, quartz and basalt.

    I'm not sure why, but this idea really gets me excited!

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    That would defiantly make sense as the piglins are said to be an 'Ancient Civilization' and having both wrecks as well as intact boats with these mobs on and loot would make a lot of sense.

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    Jasonmelus123 commented
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    The fact that the wood in the nether doesn't burns make this idea EVEN BETTER!

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    Donut Zero commented
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    Maybe it would show how past civilizations tried to conquer the lava lakes, but no matter what they did the ships simply couldn't handle it.

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    also the loot that can be found in the shipwreck will be awesome the loot will be netherite,diamonds,emerald and gold because if the these shipwrecks were added then they will be super rare

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    If ships made of crimson wood or warped wood spawn in the nether,near lava lakes,they should also spawn in deeper into the lava,because we now have a way to cross the entire lava ocean,for less time than previous minecraft updates,thanks to the new mobs that can be ridden.Also seeing more things implemented in the nether would make it even more fun to explore.