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Zombified Piglin Easter Egg Suggestion


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    That would be awesome but I personally think they should keep the old model for a different race of pig people so we can please Both ends of loving the new models and keeping the nastolgic feeling of the original

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    I like this! I think the Name Tag should literally just be "Zombie Pigman" though, and should bring back the texture as well, not just the model.

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    Vortex Takex commented
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      i have a way of keeping both in the game, both would be the same mob, but different variants, just like zombie villager is from zombies.
      Zombie pigman would be the regular and natural one, generated naturally in the nether and transformed from pigs struck by lightning.
      While zombified piglins would be the variant turned from piglins, when teleported to the overworld, killed by a zombie pigman(could be implemented) or rarely spawning instead of zombie pigman(having the same spawn chances from zombie villager to spawn instead of a regular zombie)
      i made a post about it, but sadely it wasn't approved, i don't really know why, i made many posts but none were approved, like for enderman head, blaze head, baby skeletons and a new mob called spore stalker

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    You should name it Xaphobia since he was the one who made the original texture.

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    Lamont Frozo commented
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    You should name tag the Zombified Piglin “Pigmen” and it’ll turn into the original Pigmen.