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(20W06A) Renaming “Netherite” as “Nether Steel”


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    Yes, but netherite scraps should keep their name as they are pure netherite.

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    Good point. Yes, I think Netherite scraps should either keep their same name, or they could be called simply “Netherite”. Both would be good IMO...

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    Yes! The name “Netherite” sound weird, they made it up in 3 seconds xD!

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    RiotOfGods commented
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    Please dont. 


    - Netherite isnt Steel.

    - Steel is not made with Gold.

    - "Nether Steel" sound even dumber than netherite.

    - Steel isn't as strong as Diamond     (The argument that its "Nether" Steel is pretty stupid)

    - Netherite is a fictional material so why name it after a real one.

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    CZghost6099 commented
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    Yeah. Not only that, Netherite is also how the Netherrack is named in Czech translation (after translation back to English). Leaving Netherrite would require to rename the Netherrack to something else, or rename the Netherite to something else. Nether Steel is cool name.

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    Thank you for the constructive critique (RiotOfGods), but listen here.

    -Netherite isnt steel.
    True statement, It should be Nether Steel.

    -Steel is not made with gold.
    Also true, but NETHER Steel is.

    -“Nether Steel” sound even dumber than Netherite.
    Debatable. Very debatable. At least you think the name Netherite is dumb too. Feel free to think of other names. My point is really that the name “Netherite” is stupid, not that “Nether Steel” is absolutely amazing.

    -Steel isn’t as strong as Diamond (The Arguement that it’s “Nether” Steel is pretty stupid)
    Good Point there (Beside what you put in parentheses :((), but first I’m gonna say, This is “Nether” Steel. Second, read my post titled “Netherite SHOULD NOT REPLACE Diamond”. You read it? Good.

    -Netherite is a fictional material so why name it after a real one.
    I wanted to say “One Word, Nether Quartz”, but then I realized that it was two words and that I needed to explain more. Why didn’t they name Nether Quartz (Strikingly similar scenario hmmm) something like “Nether Crystal”? Just saying, the scenario is very similar.

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    Its named netherite not because its a form of rock or stone, but it is a form of "meteorite" except in the nether, there is a reason why they call the ore as "ancient debris." So calling it netherite isnt "dumb," but simple and self explanatory, it is a nether version of meteorite. They didnt call it netherite because they got no idea, its because its how we classify it in science terms, thats how science works, you dont need "cool names," you need LOGICAL names...

    ...or sometimes adding creditable names, because sometimes scientists add their names on their discoveries.

    Netherite is possibly a type of meteorite that crash in our world long time ago (which explains why its called "ancient debris" and why theyre found apart from each other and not by vein unlike every other ore). As time passes, the surface of the world is being replaced layer by layer each thousand years, burying the netherite deeper and deeper just like what happened to the dinosaurs fossils, except the netherite buried so deep it reached nether level, and compressing it in the process making it very  tough form of metal.

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    I think you just made that up (Justine)...

    Netherite is in no way a “Meteorite”, and the Nether is not supposed to be what’s “under” the overworld. I got the idea that these were ancient debris of a civilization (They look like old bricks of some sort) that lived in the Nether. Now if you have some real evidence that Ancient Debris are supposed to be “Meteorites that we’re covered up by layers” feel free to give me that (I’d like to see it).

    Even if it is a “Netherite Meteorite”, calling it “Netherite” (A Meteor, from the Nether???) doesn’t make ANY sense. Also, it’s not very self explanatory if you’re asking me.

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    Enders Host commented
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    Voltage Warning, old bricks? To me netherite definitely looks like rolled up scrap metal but Idk. Anyway, I agree that it shouldn't be called netherite, but I'd probably go with netherite steel.