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(20W06A) Netherite Armor shouldn't have resistance to knockback.


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    Alvaro A. commented
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    For an endgame ore that is as rare as it is, I think removing the knock back would make it less worth the time to search for it.

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    NullRockbell commented
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    Seeing how rare the ore is i think it should have something that compensates the time you took looking and crafting some ingots. Otherwise it's just some slightly stronger Diamond armor.


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    Mc Rat commented
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    It's hard to talk about balance at this point without having tested it, but I kinda do think that an armor that has a knockback resistance advantage should have some sort of disadvantage too, for balance reasons.

    Like less armor points, or weakness to arrows.

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    Enders Host commented
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    I like the knock back resistance. I think the armor should be balanced by making players with more of it on, sink faster in water, making it hard to swim, and near impossible to swim with a full set on.

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    TravelByTrain commented
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    It's what separates netherite from diamond

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    FreedomDaPug commented
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    To remove knockback would make Netherite look plastic, it's diamonds covered in gold and metal from another dimension, it's gonna be really heavy making it hard for someone to knock you away. And if it effects PVP it would be an upgrade more so than a downgrade imo. It makes it more challenging.

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    QuestyPlay commented
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    Yes I think the no knockback should at least be not so strong. Because later in the game the most commonly way to die is by falling somewere down because of some mobs.