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(20W06A) Enchantments from Diamond armor to Netherite armor


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    It's happening for tools also. Would be great if enchantments stayed, as especially at the beginning, they are hard to get. 

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    Jove Rogers commented
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    I'm against this idea. I think if your armour has enchantments, then you should have to make a tough decision between upgrading your armour and keeping your enchantments. This also encourages you to hold off on enchanting your armour until it's upgraded.

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    Matiss Ancans commented
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    Yeah you're right, but I think that there still should be a way to transfer your enchantments. Like put an enchanted piece of diamond armor in an anvil together with a netherite armor piece with a cost of some Xp-levels.

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    I agree, all my armor and tools are incredibly OP, but they could be better with the netherite armor, which i tested, and found out it doesnt switch the enchants. i think it would be a good idea to switch the enchants, or, if how I've always wanted, a way to kind of extract the enchants, and store them in bottles to reapply to books. It is something I've always wished was an option.