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(20W06A) Netherite should have less durability than diamond


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    Tyler James commented
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    Most players by this time have unbreaking and mending, kinda pointless.

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    Kanaminn43 commented
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    Ah yes, I shall add this material that was hard to get to my diamond tools to make them worse. :)

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    TravelByTrain commented
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    Numsisgood commented
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    that just ruins the entire point of the material, its supposed to be the teir above diamond

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    FreedomDaPug commented
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    While Mojang has indeed said that, after 11 years of it in-game and 7 years of using it, I think it's indeed time for a new material. But it having low durability makes no sense to a big extent, it's diamond covered in gold and a metal from another dimension so it's gonna have to have a stronger durability than diamond. And idk anything about a "balance" because Netherite is just supposed to be an upgrade for diamond, if its strength was taken to make it equal to diamond it would become an oxymoron.