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(20W06A) Netherite Axe with + Eff. V and Haste II should instant mine wood


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    FatalAcacia commented
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    Yes. I think that Haste+Efficiency with a diamond axe should already be instamine, but this is a great idea! Thanks for posting.

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    Completely agree. Not only wood, but things like stonebrick halfslabs that can't be instant-mined when the regular block version can. It's just a dumb inconsistency.

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    PiersonD commented
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    I noticed this as well. Great idea!

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    MukiTanuki commented
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    Ilmango went over some great points on how netherite acts compared to other tools in his most recent video.  Currently they only mine 1 or 0 more gameticks compared to diamond tools in optimal situations.

    Currently because of the large gaps in hardness, it won't give a great benefit to players unless the base mining value for Netherite tools is buffed quite a bit.  With the current speed of 8(diamond) to 9(netherite) the benefit is minimal due to the lack of block types with the hardness value range between 1.5 (stone) and 2 (wood, cobblestone). 

    It also doesn't make sense as gold tools have a mining speed of 12, but you have to use 4 gold to create the Netherite required to upgrade your diamond tool.

    I would personally recommend that the base mining speed gets buffed to 17, as stated here it would mean that players would be able to instant mine wood logs and other hardness 2 blocks with also using efficiency V and Haste II.

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    Agreed. The netherite sword inflicts a whole extra damage, which reduces the amount of hits with maximum sharpness or smite, allowing you to kill drowned in 2 or 1 hits respectively. Since we can do this with the netherite sword, why not buff the tools to instamine things diamond can't.

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    SaneGhast commented
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    I disagree, Netherite as-is is a pretty minor upgrade from Diamond, they'd need to buff up Netherite items even more than they already are for this insta-mine idea to be possible. And I think where Netherite is now is pretty healthy for game progression. It gives a few bonuses, but isn't so far ahead of everything else that it's game breaking or whatever. Netherite pretty much feels right as-is in terms of tool and armor stats.

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    Peteydog11234 commented
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    It should be with a diamond axe with efficiency 5 because wood should be easier to break than stone, but harder to break than dirt (diamond shovel efficiency 3/ efficiency 4 for grass blocks)