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Blue Fire Aspect


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    Dimstroyer05 commented
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    Maybe being able to tip an (fire aspect) arrow with soulsand, which in turn makes it blue flame.
    Or tip any arrow but it does nothing unless its shot from a fire aspect enchanted bow.

    Also incorporating my idea, if you shoot a player/mob with one of these arrows, it sets them in blue flames to represent the additional damage

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    officialxyno commented
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    perhaps it could be immune to water

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    Perhaps a separate enchantment, exclusive to netherite swords (although the original fire aspect should still be an option), maybe with a slightly different effect? For example, it could deal no damage but slow the player while they are on soulfire, which also cannot be extinguished by water.

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    Deevuu commented
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    Or maybe at least it'd be thrid level of regular fire aspect