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Revert back to the higher damage (was make weapons stronger)


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    ShinokuMiyah commented
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    Can you elaborate more on it? Why do you want this change made?

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    Zhander Drake commented
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    I think it should only have that damage when the weapon is charged at 200% giving us more reason to charge it

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    keyshift5332 commented
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    I'm not sure we need to revert to higher damage, but lower damage (again!) is not a good option, weapons already deal massively less damage compared to 1.8 (when enchants are taken into account), and I don't think anyone feels like they need to be debuffed.

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    pedro klein commented
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    i feel like the damege should be changable in commands, so if you want to PvP, you can nerf then if you want, so they can keep the old damages.