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If a Piglin see's a block of gold, it will bow before it (Nether Update)


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    I really hope this gets added.

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    donna adams commented
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    Uh...... What if theirs heaps of gold? Will he keep bowing if so that's a bit OP to get then from attacking you.

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    shahar000wine commented
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    I think they should maybe only try to stand on them if possible or at least if the AI has a route planed and the piglin sees a gold block, the AI would try to modify the route to go over the gold and make the piglin pause for a moment. Unless they're angered then they ignore the block. The fascination for gold is only triggered when the piglin is idle

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    Haruneko125 commented
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    They would not stop to bow when angered, and might return to the gold block and bow later... That would be really cool, and add some real depth to their obsession with gold.