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(Feedback) Mob Strength


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    ShinokuMiyah commented
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    I must have been playing a different game. I beat the game in this snapshot on hard difficulty with just iron gear (armor and sword), a bow and a generous amount of arrows.

    I could even kill the mobs with my bare hands, just keep the distance.Of course if you just hold "W" you're going to die.

    I'll try to do it again and upload it on youtube, can we share videos in these forums?

    This is a hard mode night with only stone tools:


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    xHollyleaf87x commented
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    I disagree, because Minecraft is slowly becoming easier with each new update because of new additions such as netherite, more enchantments, & totems. It is necessary to nerf weapons to prevent the player from becoming too powerful.

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    ShinokuMiyah commented
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    To top it off, weapons got actually stronger, as their DPS is higher now.

    You can kill mobs faster than before.