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Give variety to foods


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    catcagames commented
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    Better foods- longer eat time
    Worse foods- shorter eat time

    Perhaps some foods could grant very specific buffs, like a small speed of strength bonus?

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    Agreed, I made a similar feedback post on food speeds.

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    . . commented
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    Nice! I hope this will come!

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    NeunEinser commented
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    That's a nice idea!

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    Reminds me of the cooked kelp.

    -Maybe crispy, small and crunchy foods such as carrots, beets, apples, and cookies can make you eat really fast.

    -Some big feast such as rabbit stews can restore 14 hunger points but eat at a really slow pace.


    *To add on to that idea, maybe every food should display how much hunger they restore and add a new attributes called "digestion" which example name for eating speed. (Kinda similar to a sword displaying dmg and attack speeds.)


    Steak = 8 Hunger, 4 Digestion  or  Cookie = 2 Hunger, 1.5 Digestion


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    Sinistar02 commented
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    That's great idea! People will eat more various items that fits in various situations

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    I agree, i think they should also have different stack sizes. for example, berries, kelp, etc, could have stack to 64 while things like apples and bread could stack to 32, and better things like meat and pumpkin pies should only stack to something like 6. This would make it a actually responsible option to farm other things for food, where as right now you can easily get a practically endless supply of meat just by running around and killing everything, and because food doesn't ever go bad there's no reason to do anything else.

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    Melly Dow commented
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    I think all foods should have a purpose or at least not be labeled useless, as many players ignore or just don't even bother with most worse foods. All should have their advantages or disadvantages other than an available variant if you happen to live in X biome. Most players just opt for Golden carrots, steak / porkchop, and golden / enchanted apples. They dominate all forms of food with enchanted apples being almost literal godmode. Cake is probably the only one with a use now and thats when its too laggy for the client to eat food with right mouse.

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    James Douglas commented
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    One comment on this: I agree with the whole small foods get eaten faster and large foods slower, but I think there should be some exeptions.

    Unstackable, hard to make foods should be almost instant, to compensate for the trouble.