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Food eating speed should not be changed


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    Laser Lemons commented
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    I can't say I understand why the eating speed was changed. The changes to hunger already make eating in combat less desirable. If anything, maybe eating speed should be varied depending on how much hunger/saturation the item has?

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    PureAwsome334 commented
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    To be honest, I agree with this because while I think it was a good change for combat, I'm using to holding down use for 1.6 seconds and then letting go. This just messes me up.

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    I disagree this change nerfs eating a nerf well needed, infact some foods should be eaten faster than others, and yes it has everything to do with combat, healing your self mid battle with food, something I always do, is very much part of combat because you heal your self so that you can get back into the action. and you can still eat to heal just not as much. This makes battles not as long and boring.

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    Barrettr500 commented
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    To be honest, the only thing I've complained about with food is that it takes too long to eat and drains to fast. The snapshot seems to affix to the exact opposite of that. Really sucks when you just start a game and as soon as you find a cool place to build a home you've go no hunger and its night time and your health is just plummeting.

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    lDrac360l commented
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    Saying it messes up your muscle memory is a poor reason. I think this change will encourage acknowledging your opponent as a real threat even when you have tons of golden apples (non-enchanted apples) and potions.