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When you are making your redstone suggestions, please note that Java and Bedrock will not have the exact same the same redstone systems - this would require redoing redstone system completely on one platform or the other. The two systems are functionally different and are going to stay that way. Please be sure to tag your suggestions with (Java) or (Bedrock).


redstone redirector


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    Jude Phelps commented
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    No offense but doesn't Redstone already do that

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    Stiljoz commented
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    What would it do? I feel like the vital piece of information that describes what this block does is missing.

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    RedCMD commented
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    Maybe instead of adding a new block
    Why not reuse an existing block
    Like Redstone Ore

    Bedrock already has a similar feature where pistons redirect dust into themselves and can power torches on the other side

    To implement this feature...

    1. Need to mark redstone ore as being able to redirect redstone dust
    This can be done by setting isSignalSource() to true inside the RedstoneOreBlock.java class
    Redstone dust will be redirected to ore, but now ore is not an isRedstoneConductor() anymore
    This because isRedstoneConductor() tests for isSolidBlocking(), isCollisionShapeFullBlock and NOT isSignalSource()

    2. Need to mark ore as isRedstoneConductor()
    The isRedstoneConductor() method needs to be overridden for ore with true or isSolidBlocking() && isCollisionShapeFullBlock()
    Now ore will redirect dust towards itself and isRedstoneConductor again, but the dust being redirected isn't powering anything through the ore, this is because of MC-8645.

    3. Need to get redirected dust to actually point logically and power ore
    Because of MC-8645 when redstone components check if dust is pointing towards it (through a block) it doesn't check if dust is pointing towards it, but actually, if the dust is pointing away and not to the sides.
    Fixing MC-8645 will add a line of code which checks if the dust is pointing towards the ore.
    Now the dust will point visually and logically towards ore. The ore can be powered and can power other redstone components through it.

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    That is a great idea. 

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    Nike020410 commented
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    The new target block would be absolutely ideal for this purpose. It has no reason to be transparent, since it's crafted from adding redstone (which explains the redirecting) to a non transparent block, powerable block. I think it could also enhance the functionality of the target block, as you could then just power it (lever) as an override, as opposed to taking care of the outputs, but as it stands the target block is obscure and has niche use cases. So slightly different rules don't hurt anyone and it is new, unlike redstone ore, which could have potentially been used as a regular block in old redstone builds.

    Whatever it ends up being, that block will become a redstone component of observer level importance. So maybe hay and redstone are the better choise for the practical consideration of availability.

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    It would be even better if you could right-click the sides that you would want it to redirect the redstone signal to