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Armourer villagers trading for iron, a non-cruel and easier way to get the valuable resource.


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    ShinokuMiyah commented
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    If you can buy one emerald for 4 ingots, then you should buy only 2 ingots for an emerald, otherwise you will just buy ingots and then sell them at the same price, losing nothing and leveling the villager.

    If you were to do that, there should be some loss.

    Anyways, I agree you should be able to buy iron from the villagers.

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    Vinecraft46 commented
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    Sorry I didn't think about the cruelty of iron farms. I thought about how tedious they are to make.

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    There's no problem with the current ways of gaining iron though, you have to work for the iron if it is building iron golem farms or mining and looting. Also, I think you need to change your moral sense of cruelty lol, killing the iron golems in lava is not cruel, it's in a very child-friendly game called Minecraft. If you don't like it then don't do it, but it's definitely not cruel as they are not real, don't have feelings, and it's inside of a children's game! Just chill they know what they're doing when they made the game lol