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Add Cursed Snow Golems! A new threat to the Snowy Terrain!


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    I think it’d be a cool idea! It could also serve as a hint to new players who don’t know snow golems can be built. It would also increase the threat of traveling in those biomes. Appearance wise, in order to achieve the cursed-like effect maybe have it emit the enchantment table particles and give its eyes a purple hue?

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    I like your idea. Here are some other ideas that could make your idea better.

    The regular snow golems could have a very rare chance to replace a cursed snow golem. The cursed snow golem could also have a chance to spawn with a pumpkin head. Since the cursed snow golem is bad, the regular snow golem can actually deal damage to the cursed snow golem. This could encourage players to have a snow golem defense in snowy biomes.

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    BrickBot 20 commented
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    This is a really cool idea, because most mobs can't spawn on snow anyways, so this would add the necessary threat level to the snowy biomes.

    I think as a drop they could also drop carved pumpkins or carrots.

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    nico castilho commented
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    Adding this could also add a potion effect to reverse it. It could also be used in reverting zombie villagers.