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Scaled Eating Speed


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    Enders Host commented
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    I agree, but i do think there should be some exceptions like mushroom soup which is fairly hard to craft and can't stack so it should be worth that effort.

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    I agree that there should be some exceptions. All forms of stew, including Mushroom, Rabbit, Beetroot and Suspicious Stew should be 10 ticks faster. It's much easier to gulp down a bowl of liquid than to tear through a large hunk of meat.

    I personally rarely craft stews, because of the pain it is to craft and keep track of a bowl, as well as finding mushrooms or beetroots. With a balance like this, however, I might be much more inclined to craft these types of food.

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    Melly Dow commented
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    I think that golden apples and Enchanted apples should either have a cooldown like ender pearls or have the longest eating animation of all the food items to prevent spamming them (This is ignoring plugins that do this already since this is for vanilla). This gives you a chance to fight back, flee, or at least attempt to eat yourself if you see your opponent eating a hard to consume food (Higher eat time: Steaks, golden/Enchanted apples, soups).