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New Biome: The Gloam Cavity! [Nether Update]


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    EmpyreansEdge commented
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    I really like this, especially the Fleshlug idea. Large, hostile bats fit perfectly as a new nether mob

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    EpicBboy123 commented
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    The blindness potion must have a very short duration especially considering potion arrows would be way too op. Also, could you include a picture of this new item? love your idea.

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    Lili5510 commented
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    There are 'roots' in the nether update; actually having the roots extend underground would make sense and I'm not quite sure why it's not already like that-you know-with the name and all.

    This biome is simple but has some unique properties that don't render it a hassle for the devs to implement. I hope they see this if they get the opportunity to add some more environments for the nether update.

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    I was interested in the cave part. The glowmould made me lose interest