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Change the damage for all weapons and tools and buff armor


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    ShinokuMiyah commented
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    The Diamond Sword attacks faster, has more reach and can get enchantments that improve its damage by a lot, so it's not just half a heart of difference as you're saying. The Diamond Sword is way better than the Diamond Pickaxe when it comes to fighting, it's still the best weapon overall.


    You want to increase weapons damage and even buff armors? might as well remove all of the mobs. They lowered the weapons damage so mobs can be more of a problem.

    Besides, there's no point in increasing weapons damage and making armor stronger to balance it.  Why don't you just leave them as they are, so you don't have to buff armors?

    I know, big numbers are more attractive. Most people like to feel powerful, or to feel they've accomplished something.

    I rather prefer more balanced and controlled numbers.I like that they're now using low numbers. The lower the numbers of damage/defense, the more impactful 1 point of difference will be.

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    Yeah but the swords made 8 attack damage and now it is 6. In pvp 6 is not a lot, your basically using a sharpness 2 gold sword, in pvp and pve the damage in combat test 4 had higher damage.