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Banner Protection Against Patrols!


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    Uhohhotdog83 commented
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    This would be a great use for all the banners they drop. Spread them around your village as a sign that we don’t take kindly to your folk.

    Even the banner by itself I think would be a good way to ward them off.

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    Yes, I agree. Something involving the Ominous Banner (only ones obtained by killing Captains) and another ingredient.

    Also, simply placing a Captain's Ominous Banner would have a smaller effect. A Captain's Ominous Banner and other ingredient would be the best option, with the largest area of effect.

    NB: Having patrols spawn in your base is exceptionally annoying.

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    Craft an ominous banner with a banner of your own design to get a warding banner. (with that design) The warding banner would keep pillagers away and its area could be extended by more banners of the same design. Raids could be triggered around this area like a village.

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    JustKiwikiwi commented
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    Had the same idea, thank you for coming up with it sooner!