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(Bedrock Parity) Paper doll option


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    MCPEChicken13 commented
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    I agree, especially for finding out if I am stuck in a block or crawling. Plus, the paper doll just feels fun to have.

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    RealKappy8525 commented
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    It's something that only console games have. For example, Half-Life: Decay had a little icon that displays your pose just like the paper doll in Bedrock.

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    This idea would be perfect for Java since you don't have to open the debug menu and see your angle when you're flying in the end since you can see where you're facing in the the end, especially flying from the main island to the outer islands without falling into the void and dying. 

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    Zetsumi1717 commented
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    Yeah, As a Bedrock player I find the Paper Doll very useful. I can easily check on what armor I'm wearing without pressing the inventory button or "change person view" button but can easily crouch or jump to check the armor I'm wearing.