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Building with water - make water buckets or ice blocks drop?


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    By having 2 water buckets, and then digging a single hole, you can put the water in the hole, then dig another hole diagonally and fill that with water, then simply remove the other 2 blocks in the square and you will have a small pond... You can then refill both buckets and repeat this process

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    I had this problem. I found a solution. I went to a frozen pond build plate. I took ( not mined) several blocks of ice from the pond, just a little at a time. Had a torch to keep it partially liquid on the surface. That is important.
    I Merely took water as it froze as it froze on the surface and the liquid water filled back in.
    But do it slowly.

    Take your time and collect your ice blocks, and NO condensed ice. Just normal ice.

    Now go to your ruined pond, place the ice blocks on the surface. Try to safe any water blocks you may not have ruined. Cover the ice blocks in torches so thet melt.... into new water blocks. The pond is saved.

    I made a wicked waterfall with this. But I might try some plumbing or even a toilet. Much faster then a bucket. Its so hard to get to iron if your closest Adventure is over a mile away and in a park.
    Hypothermia is not worth iron.

    Also... this is my first venture into minecraft. I hope I am doing well. I hope that helps.