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(Gameplay) Time in buildplates should passively tick


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    I know some functionality of Minecraft Earth is persistent on the server-side. I think this is a good idea, nay, a great idea.

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    Patrick Yu commented
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    Totally agree. Not much to in the game. Should at least have something we can look after

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    Perhaps take a page from active idle games and make it so that actively watching your crops makes them grow at a faster rate than passive growth.

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    Worpp commented
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    I think this would be super cool, it would create some interesting farms for Minecraft earth! This would expand on the idea of Minecraft’s creativity: that it’s unlimited in what you can do. One of the things I’d plan to use it for is a melon farm! I think this general idea of passive ticks would also unlock some interesting farms too

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    maverage243 commented
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