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(Content) All items should be available via tappables.


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    Another idea: make the player be able to equip tools such as pickaxes, axes and shovels for collecting tappables. The possible loot could depend on the equipped tool. For example, equipping a stone pickaxe could make it possible to collect iron ore from stone tappables. This could be expanded further with enchantments. Where a regular iron pickaxe could collect diamonds, one with silk touch could collect diamond ore. It’s a simple concept, but it relates to the original game really well.

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    Patrick Yu commented
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    Gathering loot and resources can be difficult when there are no adventures nearby. Gaining access to loot such as iron and coal via tappables is a great solution to manage that, however the chance of gaining it should be less than gaining it from adventures. Another solution will be increasing the frequency and accessibility of those adventures so that players can get better access to the loot.

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    WeekendLe commented
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    So why don't we suggest them make Adventure spawning not related to landmarks or attractions or make Adventure spawnable in local park or local public places!!

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    @WeekendLe, make that as another feedback / suggestion. It'd be interesting to see the opinions of the community. I know right now everything is based on map data, but there could be room for adventures to not be tied to map data.

    Your suggestion could address feedback for rural players. If an adventure spawned every X miles, not based on map data, the world would still function like it does now (better even for those rural players).

    I think your idea is worth posting as it's own feedback / suggestion.

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    Henry Swanson commented
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    Like shared winter said, using tools on tappables should allow you to get more and better loot from them. Adding enchants such as fortune will make you get more of the items.