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(Gameplay) Early Progression System


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    There has been feedback surrounding the current career progression. I'd suspect it will get revamped before too long. Your feedback makes sense, to more closely match that from the computer versions of the game, considering the developers statements surround dimensions and biomes here (https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360051479771-Previously-Considered-Suggestions-Minecraft-Earth-edition-), where they said "the plan is to keep a level of continuity with the other games in the Minecraft franchise in this regard." Changing the career progression to more closely align to the computer versions would be a good way to revamp the current progression system.

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    SilkyTadpole8 commented
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    I love it. But I would recommend that it be introduced with (1) a specific difficulty or (2) a toggle option (like selecting PvP on/off) when creating the world.

    Looking at it from the developers point of view, a recommendation that changes the gameplay will affect everyone who plays it and not everyone wants the extra steps or increased challenge which could result in a consumer loss. Making it specific for a difficulty setting g or a toggle option would ensure both groups get what they want.

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    I also think there is a problem in more rural areas because once you collect resources and build a house there is nothing to do because the adventures never spawn. Maybe try adding a random chance of an adventure spawning if someone is playing the game.