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(Gameplay) When crafting show how much you already have


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    Daniel Pratti commented
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    O Minecraft é um jogo que detém várias horas no seu mundo, mas com poucos slots de criação e com uma criação demorada várias horas ou perde a magia do Minecraft Earth rapidamente, já que se torna um jogo em que você entra, coloca como coisas para artesanato e depois sai.

    Google Translator:
    Minecraft is a game that holds several hours in your world, but with few creation slots and time consuming creation several hours or loses the magic of Minecraft Earth quickly, as it becomes a game that you enter, puts as things to do. crafts and then leaves.

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    Rahsna commented
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    Good idea!

    I keep going back and forth between crafting and my chest to see which items I lack for adventures.

    This suggestion would fix it :D!

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    F1R3FLY commented
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    Agreed. I keep going back and forth between crafting and inventory to see resource count. Many unnecessary taps. Should show me resource required and available when crafting. i.e., 1 Red Dye = (needed) 1 [Poppy image] (have) 100. 1🌷100. Numbers as subscript on left and right of resource.

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    nick4fake commented
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    This is already implemented.