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Tapping Improvements for Special Needs Players


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    SquidgyThalia commented
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    Totally agree. This would also be very helpful for visually impaired players.

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    D'Arcy Morgan commented
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    I agree, I have some friends with motor issues and they might want to play some day.

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    This is a solid idea that needs more votes to bring it to the developers attention.

    Interestingly, if you had tap functionality target nearest, unless something else was tapped intentionally (there is still the hitbox issue), would also address the aforementioned hitbox issue (have you ever tapped on a chicken a dozen times and it not register?).

    Two birds, err, chickens with one stone. Great idea.

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    Rahsna commented
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    Yes! This needs more votes. I added mine. I hope it gets the devs attention after Christmas, because as Mr John de Boyd commented, it is two chickens with one stone :)

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    DullNull commented
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    This would also help with dropped items.