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Compass points to home


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    Compass points to respawn point/ last bed that you slept in.

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    Ryanborambo commented
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    Ashley Thompson
    No actually, it points to the world spawn (e.g. in this post your set home in settings).

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    Derf1951 commented
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    compass have limited usefulness being locked to pointing to the world spawn point.  Once you're into the game, its use is limited to creating locator maps.  I would like to see the compass able to adjust to the last location where I have slept rather my having to use cheats to use 'setworldspawn' command AND lose making achievements.  After all, you did allow display of coordinates without calling it a cheat.  (navigating by using coordinates is difficult enough without worrying about a creeper running up your six)  Even in the Java version there is a workaround  so you can set the world spawn manually by command.  A functional compass is a great necessity for navigating  a large multi-biome world while trying to maintain a functional base area.