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Light armor mechanic (leather and chainmail armor minor buff)


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    Flimsy is the right word for leather (which is useless in real life and too hard to get to be convenient in-game) and I think this would give some neat ways to make something that is underused better. and by that, I mean it would make chainmail better, leather's only use is being dyed. 

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    Like it but you don't want to be able to put armor on and be slow but also put leather and bed fast, this would debuff the diamond armor or really op the light armor.

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    Wilm Mliw commented
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    I like the idea but i think that could be done in that each armor has 3 variants:

    Vanilla variant, the original gives armor and the capability of using enchantment.

    Heavy Variant, a variant which reduces you movement speed, jump but it reduces the knockback and the arrow damage it also greatly increases armor.

    Light Variant, a variant which reduces your movement speed(small), increases you defence (small) lets you jump, run and walk normally.

    Now the elytra (if backpack slot is added) if you have any item of this type it will reduce the flying height of each burst.

    Vanilla: Helmet and boots (-1 block), legs (-2 blocks) and (-3 block)

    Light: Helmet and boots (-1 block), legs (-1 block) and (-1 block)

    Heavy: Helmet and boots (-2 blocks), legs (-3 blocks) and (-4 block)

    This could make more interesting to play with these variant also if you dont want to use them stick to the vanilla one and the falling speed will increase if  the armor is heavier.

    You can make also each material be heavier or lighter which could be good but id better to adding variants wich can be used to the original resources.